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Know The 10 Signs Of Wisdom Tooth Removal Infection

Some patients need not undergo wisdom tooth removal when their third molars come out in the correct position. However, it becomes necessary when a patient’s wisdom tooth is impacted. This means that his mouth does not have enough space for the third molar to properly develop. Another reason might be that its growth [...]

Choose Mini Dental Implants To Support Your Dentures

Many patients still choose dentures to replace their missing teeth because they want to instantly regain their smile. However, these removable prosthetics are causing them much inconvenience and anxiety that their dentures may fall off anytime. Also, these affect their speech and eating habits. To address these concerns, dentists find a way to [...]

Invisalign Attachments Have Meaning In Your Life

Most of you aren’t aware what Invisalign attachments are even if you have the orthodontic appliance. That’s because dentists do not require this feature to every clear aligner user. However, do not question your dentist if he needs you to have it. Although attachments could make your aligner more noticeable, it actually has [...]

Pediatric Dentistry: Guiding Your Kids To Achieve Healthy Smiles

Most parents are now more knowledgeable and initiative towards their kids’ oral health beginning from infancy. Some credits go to pediatric dentistry for guiding the family with the proper dental services and tips. Letting your kids see a dentist at that age gives them a higher chance of keeping healthy teeth until adulthood.  [...]

Heed These Effortless Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

You must follow a tooth extraction aftercare procedure to make sure that the fresh wound heals fast. Not considering any post-treatment maintenance might affect the socket of your missing tooth. Some patients complain about tooth extraction infection, dry mouth, and complications when they didn’t heed their dentist’s advice. Be smart enough not to [...]

Mini Dental Implants: Less Invasive And Durable Restorations

Some patients don’t want to undergo invasive dental procedures or choose removable restorations to replace their missing teeth. With this, dentists recommend mini dental implants for a sturdy restoration yet less invasive treatment. What are mini dental implants? As compared to traditional dental implants, mini implants are relatively smaller in diameter and shorter [...]

Conventional Vs Contemporary Dental Bridge Procedure

Most dental clinics continue to adopt new methodologies in delivering various services to their valued patients. Among the developments is how they perform a dental bridge procedure. Dental bridges are a type of restorative treatment for replacing missing teeth. Furthermore, this treatment method requires an abutment or anchor teeth that support a pontic [...]

5 Things To Avoid When Caring For Your Dental Dentures

Dental dentures are a trusted type of dental prosthetic because of their structure and function. A conventional denture, for example, is made of plastic gums and replacement teeth that’s removable. This is best for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth and need support when eating. Aside from this, it [...]

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