What is a “Root Canal”?

Looking at this diagram of the anatomy of a tooth, see the part of the tooth called the pulp. It is also known as the pulp chamber. It is a hollow part of the tooth in which there are blood vessels, nerves, and other connective tissue. It is the primary living part of the tooth. [...]

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a procedure used to resolve infections and severe inflammation within the central parts of a tooth. During the treatment, dead or dying dental tissue is removed from the tooth along with any harmful bacteria. The inside of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned before sealing the root canals, which prevents spread [...]

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Your Teeth May be Telling You Something!

If your teeth could talk, what might they say? One of the interesting things about teeth is that they can only provide one kind of response. If anything stimulates a tooth, the tooth hurts. The other major organ in the mouth, the tongue, is able to discriminate between heat and cold, sweet and sour, acidic [...]

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4 Reasons Why Dental Implants Fail And How To Fix Them

Dental implants are an excellent solution for a patient’s missing teeth. These are metal frames placed into the jawbone to support a patient's dentures, bridges, or crowns. However, just like everything in life, the dental procedure is still prone to failure. However, how do we prevent it from happening? Apart from proper maintenance, [...]

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5 Tips on Preventing Plaque

Curbing gum disease is important since it can lead to the loss of teeth if left untreated. That’s one reason why dentists are taking the steps necessary to minimize the buildup of plaque within the mouth. How to Prevent Plaque The London Ontario Dental Clinic open Saturday!  , dentists recommend patients to follow the [...]

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What Is a One-Visit Crown?

If one happens to be in need of a dental crown, there may be some concerns regarding the amount of preparation needed and duration it takes to install one. Fortunately, there are one-visit Dental Crowns London Ontario that can be done in just a one visit to the dentist’s office. A one-visit crown [...]

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What to Expect During Tooth Removal

For a lot people, getting a wisdom tooth removal London Ontario can be intimidating and can induce anxiety. Some have a hard time picturing themselves going through the procedure leading up to their upcoming appointment. If one happens to be find themselves scared or shaken up prior to a tooth removal, it might [...]

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Why Checkups Are Essential

When teeth are damaged, they’re incapable of regenerating unlike other bones in the body. Teeth serve an important role in the digestive process and on a person’s physical appearance. That’s why it’s essential to take care of them at all times. Importance of Checkups There are a number of reasons why dental checkups [...]

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Making Sure your Child’s Teeth Develop Correctly

While some kids are born to develop straight teeth, others require dental work to help craft a perfect smile. Fortunately, one can help their child develop healthy, straight, and whiter teeth by implementing good oral hygiene and taking their child to a Dentist for Kids London Ontario. Curb Tooth Decay To ensure one’s [...]

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Why See an Endodontist

If one is dealing with missing or broken teeth, there are a number of tooth-replacement options available. However, one is better off to save the natural tooth as much as possible. This the primary area of concentration known as “endodontics.” What is an Endodontist? An Endodontist London Ontario is a dentist who has [...]

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