What Is a One-Visit Crown?

If one happens to be in need of a dental crown, there may be some concerns regarding the amount of preparation needed and duration it takes to install one. Fortunately, there are one-visit Dental Crowns London Ontario that can be done in just a one visit to the dentist’s office.

A one-visit crown can be crafted through advanced CAD/CAM technology, which takes an image of the affected tooth and building a crown restoration ready in as a little as a few hours.


There are a number of benefits to choosing one-visit crowns. One of those benefits is the time it takes to make one.  For the most part, a one-visit crown can be accomplished within two to three hours.


The process involved in one-visit crowns is painless and comfortable in terms of taking an image using a CAD/CAM machine. The dental crown can match the tooth more accurately compared to those made in the lab. They also have more than a dozen shades available.

One-visit crowns are fitted and made while the patient is in the chair for the procedure.

When the dentist has the dental crown made precisely for the patient, it’s then handed over to a milling machine, which cuts out the customized dental crown from a solid block.

The dentist may end up “glazing” and “baking” the dental crown to make it appear shiny and to match it with the remaining natural teeth. Once it’s set, the dental crown is permanently bonded to the tooth. The process simply hastens the procedure, prevents disorganized impressions, and gets everything done in one appointment.

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One-visit crowns are far durable and attractive to look at compared to traditional dental crowns. Schedule a London Ontario Dentist appointment to know more about one-visit crowns today.

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