Dental Health: Is Invisalign Advisable For Kids?


You can now say bye-bye to metal wires and tight bands in correcting your overbite. Introducing Invisalign; a revolutionized dental appliance to align malformed teeth in a discreet and comfortable way. It is made of a safe and flexible thermoplastic material that’s durable and long-lasting.

How Invisalign works

The treatment involves wearing a set of custom-made removable transparent aligners. These are fabricated from a dental laboratory based from the impression of your teeth and your treatment plan. Most of the patients only have aligners for their upper teeth, however, bottom teeth aligners are also available.

Following your treatment plan period, you will change to another set of aligners and have it from your dentist. This procedure will gradually straighten your teeth and achieve the planned results.

Invisalign for kids

Although braces are traditional, Invisalign offers a modern way to get rid of your crooked teeth. Modern times come with comfort, speed, and effectivity. Suffice to say, these removable aligners are already considered suitable for kids.


Here are some of the good things your kids may experience during an Invisalign treatment:

  • No more conscious teenagers. Since adolescence is the period where your kid becomes self-aware, it’s also a time to wish for perfect smiles. This makes the clear aligners a wonderful gift for your kid. You’ll be at ease knowing that you’re helping him keep his self-esteem and teeth healthy.
  • Eat with no worries. As mentioned, the plastic aligners are removable. These can be worn off during meals and placed back on the teeth with ease. One of its advantages is that either with or without it you still enjoy your food. Unlike the ways of the traditional, Invisalign allows your children to munch on cookies or savor in sweets. The material is durable enough to take on hard foods and protect the teeth from acid attack.
  • Same old teeth cleaning routines. Just as when your child eats, he can also remove his clear aligner when he cleans his teeth. Compared with going through each bracket with braces, teeth brushing is a no-brainer if your kid uses the removable aligner.
  • Safe and pleasant. Invisalign is smooth and snugly fits into the teeth, giving your kid security and comfort.

this is how invisalign looks like

How to determine if it’s the right treatment

It sounds too good to be true, alright. That’s why you still need to ensure that modern orthodontic treatment is really perfect for your child. Take into consideration these factors:


Age doesn’t matter with Invisalign treatment. However, what we’re looking into here is the maturity of the kid to maintain his treatment. Since traditional Invisalign trays need to be worn at least 22 hours a day, the patient should understand and follow it. Furthermore, he should be responsible enough to keep it in his mouth and not forget it in his school bag. Having said this, your child should be nearing his teens to qualify in the dental procedure.

Teeth structure

On the contrary, your 10-year-old child might still not pass for this treatment. Dentists highly consider that the child should have most of his permanent teeth already erupted. You can say, around 13 years old at least. This is to ensure that most of the teeth are in place and there’s no need to adjust for more erupting teeth.

The Invisalign treatment in London Ontario guarantees that your child achieves that attractive and healthy smile. Take him to your orthodontist today and ask about this modern invisible braces.




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