Four Lesser Known Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

You know to visit your dentist at least one to two times a year for a checkup and cleaning, as well as when you are experiencing tooth or gum pain. However, there are a few other reasons to visit a dentist you may not know about. London Ontario dentists at West Five Family Dental offer some insight in today’s blog.

Ongoing Medical Issues

If you have a chronic or ongoing medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or cancer, your dentist should be part of your treatment team. Certain cancer therapies and other medical treatments can have adverse effects on your teeth and gums, and some medical conditions can weaken your enamel and jawbone. Making your dentist aware of any medical condition is imperative to your oral health.


Pregnancy can cause some dental conditions to worsen, which is why you should schedule a checkup. Conditions like gingivitis are also more likely to develop during pregnancy.

Jaw Pain

You may assume calling a doctor for jaw pain is the best choice, but jaw pain is actually most often linked to a condition affecting your temporomandibular joint, a serious condition affecting all of your oral cavity including teeth and gums. A dentist can diagnose and treat TMJ disorders.

Spots or sores on your mouth

If you have a mouth sore lasting longer than awake, you should contact your dentist. Mouth sores that last longer than usual could be the sign of a serious disease or condition, including infection.

If you are seeking a dentist in London, Ontario please consider West Five Family Dental clinic. We are a clinic of top notch dentists and dental professionals committed to providing the best dental care and education to our patients. If you are experiencing any of the conditions mentioned in today’s blog, please contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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