A Broken Dental Crown Fixed in One Appointment

No matter how accustomed you are to chewing with your capped teeth, accidents still happen, causing you to have a broken dental crown. You may have accidentally chewed on hard food, or ice cubes, causing your dental crown to break. You may not feel any sort of discomfort at first, but it needs to be treated as soon as possible.

For a same day dental fix, your West Five dentist uses the Sirona Dental CEREC Omnicam. This advanced imaging software allows the dentist to make new dental crowns and attach it to the affected teeth in a single  appointment.

How does your dentist fix a broken dental crown in a single appointment?

  1. The dentist removes the broken dental crown of the patient, examines and cleans the teeth to prevent further decay and infection.
  2. The dentist places the Omnicam to the patient’s mouth to start capturing images of the teeth. This method replaces the traditional way of taking an impression or a mold of the teeth using a putty-like material.   
  3. The West Five dentist uses a computer-aided design to create a 3D image of the damaged tooth and its neighboring teeth. This technique helps the dentist in precision designing the crown so as not to compromise its longevity.
  4. The dentist navigates the software to design the crown’s shape and color, achieving a very similar look of the natural teeth. The captured digital image helps the West Five dentist in making an accurate replica of the natural teeth for aesthetic purposes.
  5. The final design is sent to the milling machine to craft the dental crown using a ceramic material. The necessary aesthetic enhancement is made to the crown’s surface.
  6. The final cementation of the new dental crown is done to complete the treatment.

If you have a broken dental crown, do not delay in seeking treatment. Rest assured that you will get same day treatment at the West Five Family dental.  


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