What is the Top Choice for Cavity Restoration?

Cavity restoration is a common dental issue among children and adults. All dentists want to restore damaged tooth without having to extract it or result to artificial solutions.  Even with the advancement of technology in dentistry when it comes to tooth restoration, nothing beats the function of a natural tooth. As much as possible, the dentist in Riverbend road veers away from treatments that disturb the natural tooth for the sake of aesthetics.

Regular dental check-ups are essential in the intervention of a tooth cavity and its treatment. The first sign of cavities on the patient’s tooth prompts the dentist to recommend a composite filling. Most dentists use composite fillings to treat cavities affecting the front and back teeth to save the tooth. Dentists always choose dental treatments that are apt for the patient’s case.

Why do dentists prefer composite filling for cavity restoration?

The tooth structure is preserved.

When the dentist performs this procedure, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned from dirt before attaching the composite material. The filling material covers the hole left by the cavity. This step prevents the spread of harmful bacteria to the root of the tooth. The effect of this is that the nerves of the tooth are protected from further infection which may lead to more damage to the structure.

Composite material is mercury-free.

Composite fillings contain a mixture of plastic and glass particles, free from mercury, which means these are safe materials to use. The dentist in Riverbend road prefers composite fillings to avoid adverse effects on patients when exposed to materials that contain mercury. Although the mercury content of other fillings is extremely minimal and non-toxic, composite fillings have become a more popular choice of dentists and patients alike.

Composite is perfect for aesthetic purposes.

Cavity attacks the tooth enamel which leads the tooth to crack or chip off. This affects the appearance of the patient’s mouth. That is why cavity restoration is important, as it restores the patient’s smile. Composite fillings mimics the teeth’s natural color that is why a dentist in Riverbend recommends this material, best for aesthetics.

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