5 Convincing Facts About Dental Implants Treatment

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Most patients now realize the convenience that dental implants bring after the treatment. It’s not a secret that the procedure might be extensive, however, the rewards are worth it. Nevertheless, not all are convinced or even familiar with this revolutionary method. That’s why more dental clinics are introducing this process although it has been around for quite a while now.

What are dental implants?

Tooth implants are metal posts that are usually made of titanium. This material has the ability to fuse with the human body, a characteristic that’s vital to the procedure. Since these posts need to be attached into the gums, they need to fuse with the bones and tissues. This is the reason why titanium dental implants are very sturdy and reliable in tooth replacement.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and the rest of the good things are in the following:

Benefits of dental implants

  • Don’t fall or slip

Unlike the popular dentures, implants will never slip or fall off from your mouth. Just imagine your dentures suddenly dropping into your plate while you’re heartily enjoying a meal. How about when your prosthetic tooth went missing right when you smile in front of others? These scenarios never happen if you have dental implants.

When osseointegration becomes successful, this means that the metal post is forever a part of your mouth. This dental device turns into one of your teeth so, eating or talking is just normal. It’s like you didn’t lose a tooth at all.

  • Convenient to maintain

Dental hygiene

When you clean your dental crowns or bridges, sometimes food residue hide in extra ridges until it causes decay. In the same way, you need to remove and brush your dentures apart from brushing your natural teeth.

These challenges don’t happen with titanium dental implants since they fuse seamlessly with the gums. You don’t have to worry about hard-to-get food or additional maintenance steps. You could clean your mouth and teeth as you normally would.

  • Independent support

Most dental devices need the support of real teeth. Like bridges, abutment teeth are needed so the pontic or the middle replacement tooth stands in its place. Yet, implants don’t need any support other than healthy gums and enough bone density.

The post that dentists install inside the gums serves as the tooth root. Interestingly, it provides a better role than the real one in giving a stable foundation.

  • Prevent shifting of teeth

This is probably one of the most important roles of dental implants. Basically, when you lose a tooth, all the remaining teeth are at risk of moving into the gap. This leads to a speech impediment, poor nutrition and teeth becoming crooked.

Correcting these dental issues go from simple to complex treatments and that’s more than how much you’ll invest with implants. Better choose your preferences wisely in fulfilling your dental needs.

  • Restores functions and confidence

Aside from the fact that titanium dental implants are efficient and effective in restoring teeth functions, it’s also used for cosmetics. More dentists now recommend tooth posts to improve one’s appearance. Since they fit and blend well with the rest of the teeth, your teeth restorations are pretty neat to look at.

A dental implant specialist also suggests that patients choose between ceramic or porcelain crowns for missing teeth located at the front. These materials are great alternatives to mimic a natural tooth image. You’ll have plenty of options when you have your dental implants in London, Ontario.

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