What Is General Dentistry In London Ontario

Most clinics that offer general dentistry in London Ontario provide comprehensive services for your entire family. It covers a wide scope of dental procedures and services to ensure you an optimal dental health.

The general dentists in this practice took more than four years in the dental school. Right after that, they passed the licensure exam to be with the top dental clinic in London Ontario. They continue to take educational courses to be up to date with modern technology and research.

Dental procedures in general dentistry

Your general dentist can perform the following dental treatments and services to help you retain a precious smile.

  1. Dental cleaning and tooth decay prevention. The general dentistry in London Ontario includes this service with regular dental check-ups, especially to kids. There is no better way to save your kid’s oral health but to take preventive measures.  
  2. Oral cancer screenings and oral exams. These are important steps to detect early signs of life-threatening illnesses such as oral cancer. The dentist at the top dental clinic in London Ontario uses a handheld device called VELscope. This device uses fluorescent light to detect abnormal tissues or cells in the mouth.
  3. Dental crowns, bridges, and implants. General dentists can also perform such restorative treatments for severely damaged teeth.
  4. Tooth extractions. Your kids and senior family members may have their badly decayed teeth removed without worries.
  5. Root canal therapy. This is one technique in general dentistry in London Ontario to save a patient’s diseased tooth.
  6. Dental fillings and sealants. Cavities are easily treated and prevented with these dental remedies.
  7. Braces and dentures. General dentists also perform orthodontics to help you attain a functional and beautiful set of teeth.
  8. TMD treatment. Aside from your teeth, jaw problems that affect your occlusal is also treated by general dentists.

Take your family to the nearest top dental clinic in London Ontario and have a one-stop shop for your dental needs.

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