Restorative Dentistry

A dentist examining a patient.

When part of your tooth has been damaged or decayed, you can trust West Five Family Dental to repair your tooth the best way possible. When tooth decay weakens your tooth enamel, causing tooth sensitivity, a restorative filling may just be the best possible solution. Tooth decay weakens your tooth enamel, causing tooth sensitivity and pain. Fillings are effective in fighting this enamel loss and can protect your smile by eliminating tooth decay that starts within the tooth. With the help of our composite fillings, we can restore your tooth enamel back to its optimal health. At West Five Family Dental, we offer tooth coloured restorations, also known as composite fillings that mimic the appearance and colour of your natural teeth.

Composite restorations can also be used to repair chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth and make teeth appear even and straight. If you want to avoid or replace an unsightly metal fillings in your mouth, talk to our dentists about replacing these fillings with composite fillings.

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