What London Dentists Look for in a Dental Clinic

With so many choices available, choosing the right dentist in London for your family can prove difficult. Wouldn’t it be helpful if your choice was made simpler with a few tips from an expert like a London Ontario dentist? Of course, it would! Which is why we wrote today’s blog. Here’s what West Five Family Dental’s dental experts say you should look for when searching for a dentist London Ontario.

Location, Location, Location!

You want to choose a dentist in a location convenient to both your home and work. In case of an emergency, your dentist is just minutes away from your home or office, and most likely other places your family frequents, like your children’s school. The convenience of having a dentist near your job means you can use your lunch hour for a quick trip to the dentist for a checkup or even a teeth whitening session.

Professional Experience and Personal Comfort

Never visit a dentist who can’t prove their education or training. The dentists at West Five Family Dental of London have extensive education and training and proudly display our degrees and certifications at our clinic to insure patients of our experience and abilities. We also strive to consistently provide a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere and comforting attitude to our patients. Dental anxiety is common among dental patients, but a calming atmosphere can help anxious patients relax and feel peace about their visit.

Emergency Care

How a clinic handles dental emergencies should also play an important factor in your decision. You don’t want a dentist who sends you to a hospital for an emergency they could resolve. Instead, choose a dentist who is willing to go the extra mile when problems arise. West Five Family Dental is conveniently open six days a week to better serve our patients, and if an emergency occurs during non-office hours, our dentists are just a phone call away.

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