3 Questions to Ask Your Children’s Dentist

Talking your child to the dentist doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you know what questions to ask to help you better understand how to care for their mouth, teeth, and gums. As family dentists London Ontario, the professional staff at West Five Family Dental are experts in guiding parents through proper pediatric dental care and offer their insight in today’s blog. Here’s three questions they say you should ask your child’s dentist at their next appointment, and why you should ask them.

How can I ease my child’s nervousness over their first visit?

It’s understandable for children to be anxious about their first dental visit. Some adults still get nervous about sitting in the dentist’s chair! At West Five Family Dental, your child’s first visit is called a “ Happy Visit” because we take them for a fun tour of the clinic and a ride in the dental chair. We can also provide more advice with a call to our clinic for an over-the-phone consultation.

What nutrition advice can you give me to help my children maintain optimal dental health?

It’s easy to overlook how much your diet can affect your dental health. Good lifelong dental health starts when we are young which is why your child’s diet matters. We’re happy to provide nutrition guidance.

How can I be sure my children’s teeth are clean?

Most kids don’t have develop the dexterity needed to properly brush their teeth until they are in lower to middle elementary school. We can educate you on the best ways to brush your child’s teeth and what to look for during a cleanliness check.

West Five Family Dental wants to be the London Ontario dentist your entire family relies on for great dental care. Schedule your child’s first appointment with us for answers to today’s questions and other pediatric dental concerns.

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