What to Expect From Your London Hygienist

What can you expect from your London hygienist? You can expect clean white teeth.

The hygienist will also do the following:

•Evaluation of oral health disorders
• Takes or reviews the family health history
• Runs oral cancer screenings
• Inspection of the head and neck
• Charting of things such as blood pressure and pulse
• Taking x-rays and developing them
• Cleaning off plaque, tartar, or food stuck to and between the teeth
• Applying things like sealants and fluoride treatments
• Teaching proper oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing
• Making impressions of patients teeth
• Provides advice on the best tools to use to help your oral hygiene

What happens during cleaning by the hygienist?

When the hygienist cleans your teeth, he or she will start with an exam of your teeth and mouth. Then do the following steps. First, they begin by scraping plaque or tartar from your teeth. Next, he or she will apply a gritty paste and clean your teeth with a special high powered brush. Following that step, there will be a flossing done by the hygienist. At this point, you rinse your mouth. The last step, if needed, he or she will apply a fluoride treatment in the form of a rinse or paint it on. Fluoride treatments help prevent decay. Hygienists also assist the dentist during exams, filling cavities, and extractions.

You can think of your dental hygienist as the multipurpose person in the dental office. He or she fills a number of roles including paperwork. If you have concerns or questions about products to use speak to your hygienist. West Five Dental offers some of the best London hygienist available. If you need your teeth cleaning appointment, call or visit your London hygienist at West Five Dental.

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