Why London Ontario Loves Zoom Teeth Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile is more attainable than ever with the plethora of teeth whitening London Ontario treatments available around the world. With all the many options out there, it’s hard to know what treatments are the most effective and safe. The dentists at West Five Family Dental choose Zoom whitening as their preferred teeth whitening treatment.

What is Zoom whitening?

Zoom is a new, innovative technique using a solution specially formulated to pair with the Zoom laser to safely and effectively whiten teeth. This special pairing breaks through stains’ chemical bonds to target deep stains, resulting in a brighter smile with teeth that are several shades lighter in just one visit.

What to Expect During a Zoom Treatment

Before the actual treatment, you’ll meet with one of our highly-trained dentists for a consultation to determine if Zoom is the best treatment for you. If we agree that Zoom is the right choice for you, we’ll proceed with the procedure.

The treatment begins with isolating your teeth from the gums and soft tissues in the mouth. Then, the Zoom solution is painted on the teeth. After that, the Zoom light is shined on your teeth to activate the solution. This process takes around 45 to one hour. You’ll notice results as soon as the procedure is complete.

West Five Family Dental wants to be be the London Ontario dentist you choose for teeth whitening and all of your dental needs. If Zoom is not the right treatment for you, we offer a number of other options for obtaining the bright, white smile you desire. To learn more about our teeth whitening treatments and the many other dental services offered at West Five Family Dental, contact our friendly office staff to schedule a consultation appointment.

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