Oral Cancer Screening: What to Expect

These days, dentists recommend everyone to undergo an oral cancer screening for every dental appointment. So, what exactly happens when one takes this test?

While some people are anxious visiting their dentist, the test itself is anything but scary. Here’s what one should expect during a typical Oral Cancer Screening London Ontario:

  • It’s a painless process.

A typical screening would take around a couple or so minutes. It fits in easily with the appointment of the dentist. No machines, tools, or medications are prescribed.

  • Dentures are expected to be removed (if wearing one).

This is applicable for both partial and full plates. The dentist will need to see the entire oral cavity without any obstructions.

  • Answer dental-related questions.

What one will be answering is essential since they can point to any potential issue before the screening process starts.

Some of these questions may be asked during an oral cancer screening test:

  1. Are you having a hard time swallowing?
  2. Have you been feeling hoarse most of the time?
  3. Are you noticing small lumps running down the side of your neck?
  4. Is it difficult to move your tongue?
  • The dentist will do a physical check on the face, neck, mouth, lips.

The dentist will do the inspection through tongue depressors/gauze or a pair of gloves. Here’s what one would typically expect in a physical check:

  • Both the neck and jaws are checked for any presence of lumps.
  • The inside part of the cheeks and lips are checked.
  • One will be asked to stick out their tongue.
  • The underside and base of the tongue is checked.
  • Both the floor and roof the mouth are check.

Ask for a Screening

So, the next time one plans to have an appointment with the dentist, always ask for an oral cancer screening with a Best dentist in London Ontario.

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