5 Tips on Preventing Plaque

Curbing gum disease is important since it can lead to the loss of teeth if left untreated. That’s one reason why dentists are taking the steps necessary to minimize the buildup of plaque within the mouth.

How to Prevent Plaque

The London Ontario Dental Clinic open Saturday!  , dentists recommend patients to follow the following steps to curb plaque formation:

  1. Preserve oral hygiene.

Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky material that can form around the teeth. It starts to develop when one doesn’t brush and floss their teeth frequently. Maintaining a regular oral hygiene can help fight off plaque.

  1. Schedule teeth cleanings regularly.

During professional cleaning, the dentist would make use of techniques and special tools to remove plaque from different areas in the mouth that can’t be reached by floss or toothbrush. They’ll also check the gums and teeth to prevent future problems.

  1. Inspect nutrition labels.

Staying away from sugar is important to keep bacteria from developing on the teeth and gums. Unfortunately, a lot of food and beverages today have hidden sugar-based ingredients. Always check the nutrition label before buying any food or drinks.

  1. Always be hydrated.

Drinking water effectively washes out bacteria from the mouth if brushing doesn’t help. It also induces saliva production, which has an important role in the eradication of bacteria.

  1. Don’t forget the mouthwash.

Dentists recommend using mouthwash with fluoride as the main ingredient. Mouthwash rinses off bacteria while fluoride make the dental enamel stronger. Dental enamel is a protective layer in the mouth that keeps off unwanted bacteria.

Visit the Dentist

If one is in need of help, set up an appointment with a Dentist in London ontario. The dentist will do their job to preserve and improve the quality of one’s oral health. Contact the nearest dental office to learn more about preventing plaque and other oral-health matters.

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