What to Expect During Tooth Removal

For a lot people, getting a wisdom tooth removal London Ontario can be intimidating and can induce anxiety. Some have a hard time picturing themselves going through the procedure leading up to their upcoming appointment.

If one happens to be find themselves scared or shaken up prior to a tooth removal, it might be worth it to take a bit of time to understand what’s to be expected from the dental procedure.

What Happens

The first step of the tooth removal involves the dentist applying a local anesthetic to numb the location where the tooth will be extracted. If one is about to get their teeth pulled, it’s possible for the dentist to apply a general anesthetic as an alternative. This can put the patient to sleep the entire time.

However, if one is conscious, there may be a bit of pressure being felt during the extraction — without the pain.

Depending on the current scenario, one could end up getting stitches once the tooth is removed. Thanks to anesthesia, one won’t feel a pinch. When the surgical process is through, the dentist will ask the patient to bite done on the provide gauze to stop the bleeding.

Post Extraction

After the procedure, the tooth removed can be replaced with varying items. The decision will depend on what the patient and doctor has agreed on. One could settle for false tooth implantation to permanently fill in for the extracted tooth. Or one could opt for a set of dentures to replace multiple teeth. Some may prefer a dental bridge, to fill up space from the teeth that was removed.

Keep Calm

Tooth extractions isn’t something to be scared especially when they’re being done by West five Family Dental. Always remain calm so one can make it through the procedure. Everything will be back to normal once the extraction is over.

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