5 Factors That Affect The Success Of Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants Failure

Mini dental implants are an excellent way to recover your youthful smile. However, there are instances when the bone doesn’t grow appropriately around the treated area. The problem is almost unrecognizable until you start to feel that the implants get wobbly when you chew or talk. Don’t wait until it finally gives in so you will not put the treatment and the mini implants cost to waste.

Although dental implants have a high success rate, some may still experience dental implant failure. So, if you’re about to undergo the procedure or currently has one, here are the probable causes of implant failure so you can be aware of it.

Factors that affect the success of mini dental implants treatment

Gum disease

A patient needs to have healthy gums to become a candidate for the tooth implant procedure. However, there are times when a patient may acquire it unknowingly, causing the dental implant surgery to fail. Gum diseases, or otherwise known as periodontal diseases, are infections of the structures around the teeth. This affects the gums, the alveolar bone, as well as the periodontal ligament. If you notice any bleeding or swelling around the gum area, it’s best to let the dentist know about it before going through mini dental implants treatment.


Aside from putting your heart and lungs at risk, smoking is also detrimental to the success of the dental procedure. Patients categorized as chain smokers are prone to dental implant failure of up to 20 percent. This high level of percentage makes them ineligible to undergo the treatment. However, they may have a better chance of reaping the money that they spent on mini implants cost by halting their smoking a week before the surgery. Additionally, they also need to quit smoking for at least two months after the implant placement.

Quit smoking

Poor jaw bone mass

The success of the mini dental implants procedure also depends on the mass of the patient’s jaw bone. The London dentist needs to place the implant to the patient’s jaw, hence, having enough healthy bone is a must. This supports the implants to ensure success of the surgery. Bone loss may occur if the patient has osteoporosis. It is a condition that causes a decrease in a patient’s bone density. Once it happens, his bones will become fragile, increasing the risk of bone damage and fracture.

Other medical conditions

A patient may also suffer from dental implant failure if he has an autoimmune condition such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. These autoimmune diseases slow down the body’s regenerative process, causing them to heal slowly. Slow healing prevents osseointegration, a process where the dental implants fuse with the patient’s jaw bone.

Not doing a thorough research

Paying for a hefty mini implants cost requires an experienced surgeon to get the job done right. That’s why it’s highly advisable to search for the finest surgeons in your area to provide you with the best care. Working with the best surgeon will help you learn about the procedure in detail to avoid any chance of failure. He would also know the exact number of implants needed to support the tooth replacement. More importantly, he’ll also have the skill to prevent iatrogenic trauma. It is an injury done to the periodontal tissue that happens during a dentist’s activity.

It’s best to choose a surgeon with several years of experience in performing mini dental implants procedure. You may ask them to go over the process to help you understand the method. Furthermore, you may also ask them about the recovery plan to make you feel at ease. Working with a dental implant clinic is a must to ensure that you’ll only get the best treatment that you deserve. Feel free to ask questions about the procedure during your consultation.




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