Dental Bridge: Top 5 Causes Of Tooth Loss Finally Revealed

Tooth loss may happen to anyone at any time. And it doesn’t only affect the way you look, but it also changes the way you speak and how your body absorbs the nutrients that it needs. Although dental procedures such as a dental bridge help fill in the gaps, you need to understand its primary causes. Here are the most common risk factors for tooth loss and how you can prevent it from happening.

Primary causes of tooth loss

Acid levels found in food

The levels of acid found in your mouth tend to rise dramatically every time you eat. Then, it takes an entire hour for the acid to normalize until you start to eat again. Once the acidity level continues to rise, your tooth will become prone to tooth decay. One reason behind it is the regular eating of foods high in sugar. To help protect your teeth, ensure that you limit your sugar intake to a minimum each day. Another alternative is to consume it in one sitting so your acid levels will only rise once.

Bad oral hygiene

Neglecting to practice good oral hygiene leads to plaque buildup on your teeth’s enamel, which cause cavities. If left untreated, it may progress into periodontal diseases which destroy the supporting tissues in your mouth. Until finally, the bones and ligaments finally give in, leading to tooth loss. One of the ways to help restore your smile is through a porcelain dental bridge.

Playing contact sports

Unfortunately for those who are playing sports, athletics and missing teeth go hand in hand. Whether one of the players hit you in the face when playing basketball, losing a tooth happens if you neglect to do any safety precautions. So, wear a mouthguard to protect your mouth every time you play sports. Doing so helps protect your teeth when engaging in some high-impact activities.

However, if you got yourself involved in an accident and your tooth gets knocked out, keep a hold of it. You need to store it in your mouth or put it in a glass of milk to prevent any further damage to the nerve. Immediately go to the dentist to see if it’s still possible to put it back in. If it’s no longer possible, then undergoing a dental bridge procedure may help restore the gap between your teeth.

Undergoing a dental bridge procedure may help restore the gap between your teeth.

Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding, or otherwise known as bruxism, often happens when a patient is asleep and only occurs in his subconscious state. While occasional tooth grinding is barely harmful, a regular occurrence usually wears away a patient’s teeth. Moreover, it also puts unnecessary strain on the tooth’s surrounding tissue as well as his gums and bones. A dental bridge in London, Ontario is an excellent alternative to restore the patient’s teeth.


Both men and women are prone to osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones throughout the body becomes weaker and less dense. The teeth may become loose when the bone density around the patient’s teeth lessens.

It’s highly recommended that you let your dentist know about all the medications that you take for treating your osteoporosis. Although the risk is low, there’s a chance that an antiresorptive medication may intervene with a few dental treatments. The medicine may cause the patient to develop a condition called osteonecrosis, a state where the patient loses his blood to the bone. Once it happens, it may cause his bone to die, which later causes him to lose a few of his teeth. To restore the patient’s smile, a porcelain dental bridge procedure may be necessary.

How a dental bridge helps save your smile

A bridge is a pontic, or commonly known as a false tooth, held in place by the abutment teeth found on either side of the gap. It’s an excellent solution for patients who have missing teeth. Although there are various materials in crafting a dental bridge, porcelain is the most popular due to its resemblance to the patient’s natural teeth.

A missing tooth shouldn’t cause you any lifelong problems. There are various ways to help manage your smile and save it for good. Aside from a porcelain dental bridge, you may also ask for any other solutions such as full bridge implants to help restore your smile.

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