Questions to Ask a Dental Clinic Before Scheduling an Appointment

Finding the right London Ontario dentist is much easier when you know exactly what you were looking for in a dental clinic. Before choosing a dentist, ask yourself exactly what you were looking for. If you’re a parent, you may be looking for a family dentist who can treat everyone in your home. Convenience and location are also often essential to finding the right dentist. For instance, if you work during the day you may want to choose a London Ontario dental clinic open evening hours.

Not exactly sure what you should ask a dental clinic before scheduling an appointment? That’s okay, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask your dentist a range of common patient concerns. Take a look.

  • Can we schedule multiple family members for same day or back-to-back appointments? Scheduling your children’s appointments for the same day offers time-saving convenience.
  • Are evening or weekend appointments available? West Five Family Dental provides late appointment times and Saturday appointments.
  • Can you tell me what to expect during my/my child’s first appointment? Knowing what to expect helps you and/or your child be prepared and less anxious.
  • If treatment is required, can it be spread out starting with most crucial? You want a dentist who can work with you to meet your needs. Some dentists are more flexible than others when it comes to treatment plans.
  • What are the costs for this appointment? It’s always beneficial to know what to expect to pay for your dental services.

West Five Family Dental aims to offer as much convenience as possible to help our patients get in the dental chair. We understand time, costs, location, and general anxiety over going to the dentist may prolong your decision to schedule an appointment. We provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere for the entire family. Let us become your preferred London, Ontario dental clinic.

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