What to Look for If You Plan to Do a Smile Makeover?

Having that great smile can easily be acquired by anybody, provided that one makes the right choices. Misshaped, discolored, or orthodontic problems can have a significant impact on one’s confidence and appearance. Thankfully, the Family Dentistry London Ontario now provides suitable solutions by means of a custom smile makeover.

A smile makeover is a dental procedure that helps improve the look of one’s smile through varying cosmetic processes.

Things to Consider

Some things that need to be considered in a smile makeover include skin tone, teeth structure, hair color, lips, facial appearance, and lips. A smile makeover is done for a number of reasons given these considerations:

  • Teeth color

The shade and color of the teeth are essential during the evaluation and preparation process for a wide range of dental procedures such as bridges, dental implants, crowns, and composite bonding.

  • Spacing and alignment

Teeth that appear to overlap, have gaps, or appear crooked can be properly aligned, straightened, and enhanced by means of veneers.

  • Missing teeth

Lost or missing teeth can be replaced through the use of partial dentures, dental implants, or bridges.

  • Balance

Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or uneven can be bonded to significantly enhance their appearance. A gummy smile will require re-contouring to improve one’s overall smile.

  • Full cheeks, smile, and lips.

An aging or unshaped face can be enhanced through specific dental procedures which include oral maxillofacial surgery and/or orthodontics surgery.

West five Family Dental will collaborate with the patient to create an ideal treatment plan to help achieve what’s needed from a smile makeover. A smile makeover is a rejuvenating process tailored to suit one’s aesthetic needs and facial features. Results after the procedure are dramatic since it can significantly change how one will look and feel.

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