What To Expect At The Dental Hygiene Clinic

Going to a dental hygiene clinic to maintain an excellent dental health is a smart decision. In the long run, patients experience lots of benefits more than having a white teeth. Dental hygiene also promotes tooth decay prevention and savings from dental restoration expenses. For some, however, a visit to the dental clinic might cause some worries.

With such case, the London Ontario dental office shares a general idea of what happens during a dental appointment.

Dental history chat

This is a friendly conversation between you and the oral hygienist as the initial step of your dental checkup. Full disclosure of your medical and dental history is important so the hygienist can create a comprehensive dental record. Since the oral and general health are correlated, a comprehensive record helps the dentist in providing quality dental treatment.

Full dental examination

dental hygiene clinic can perform a comprehensive dental check using an advanced technology. All things considered, your hygienist will examine your teeth and gums for possible diseases. If you have existing fillings or other dental appliances, it will be thoroughly checked for any damage. When the hygienist detects a tooth or a dental aesthetics issue, he recommends you to the specialists.

Thorough dental cleaning

After your oral examination at the London Ontario dental office, your oral hygienist will begin cleaning each tooth using scalers and curettes. The spaces between the teeth may be tough to reach. However, your hygienist can expertly floss them so they’re spotless of any bacteria buildup. Furthermore, applying fluoride treatment gives more protection on the teeth.

X-ray examination

Your hygienist at the dental hygiene clinic takes a dental x-ray to check sensitivity in your gums or whether there is a malocclusion case. X-rays need to capture the full-mouth with the bitewings for full coverage so the hygienist can further check any discreet dental problems.

Dental appointments at London Ontario dental office may sound too formal . However, at West Five Family Dental, it feels like home with its family-friendly environment and social lounges.

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