What Does A London Ontario Orthodontist Do?

The London Ontario orthodontist is a specialist in correcting misaligned teeth and malocclusion. His skills are required to help patients improve the appearance of their teeth and to boost their self-confidence. It’s also a solution so patients can eat their food properly and brush their teeth with ease.

When patients look for qualified orthodontists to examine their malformed teeth, they book for an appointment at Riverbend Road dental clinic.

What does an orthodontist do?

The initial check-up with the orthodontist involves an x-ray examination of the patient’s jaw to identify the teeth problem. The London Ontario orthodontist then proposes a suitable orthodontic treatment for the patient.

The patient’s knowledge of what orthodontists do has been limited to performing orthodontic treatment using braces. Here are the various treatment options used by orthodontists:

  • Braces – the main recourse to patients who want to straighten their teeth. They’re traditional but effective and at some point became a fad to the teens. The braces in Riverbend Road dental clinic consists of brackets and wires that are attached to the patient’s teeth. Every progress checkup, the brackets are tightened so the teeth will gradually align.
  • Aligners – an improved version of braces. Teeth aligners or Invisalign fix the same issues as the traditional wires and bands. Invisalign makes the process more comfortable and less noticeable as it’s made of clear plastic material and can be removed.
  • Space maintainers – provided by the London Ontario orthodontist to young patients whose baby tooth fell out earlier before the adult tooth came in. It will prevent the other tooth from growing into the gap and cause a misalignment.
  • Lip and cheek bumpers – used to stop a patient’s lip and cheek from pressuring the teeth and cause some pain. This dental appliance is available at Riverbend Road dental clinic.

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