Making Sure your Child’s Teeth Develop Correctly

While some kids are born to develop straight teeth, others require dental work to help craft a perfect smile. Fortunately, one can help their child develop healthy, straight, and whiter teeth by implementing good oral hygiene and taking their child to a Dentist for Kids London Ontario.

Curb Tooth Decay

To ensure one’s child teeth remain health, get the child accustomed to drinking from the bottle at around 12 to 14 months of age, discourage the child from utilizing a pacifier, brush the teeth using a small amount of toothpaste, floss after all baby teeth have grown, and offer the child water between meals.

Genetics Play a Role

Even with healthy oral habits, certain children naturally have crooked teeth. The permanent front teeth of a child could angle away from the central portion and appear crooked. Fortunately, this is considered normal. Teeth should naturally be straightened when other permanent teeth start coming in.

If the child happens to have a jaw that’s too small, there may room lacking for adult teeth to make their in. This can cause shifting of the teeth after the eruption, which can result to overcrowded teeth.

If a child’s parent has naturally big teeth, expect the child to end up with the same trait. A combination of big teeth and a small jaw can result to crooked teeth formation.

Prevent Thumb-Sucking

Children have a tendency to halt thumb sucking around three or four years of age. But if one’s child continues to thumb suck, correct anything that would make the child feel anxious or have the thumb bandaged.

Visit the Dentist

Treatment in the early stages can curb major dental problems in the future and can dental treatment later manageable. It’s imperative to set up an appointment with a Dentist in London Ontario if one notices anything abnormal with their child’s teeth or any oral-health issue.

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