Why See an Endodontist

If one is dealing with missing or broken teeth, there are a number of tooth-replacement options available. However, one is better off to save the natural tooth as much as possible. This the primary area of concentration known as “endodontics.”

What is an Endodontist?

An Endodontist London Ontario is a dentist who has received extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of oral tissues related to soft tissues within the tooth. Such specialist is capable of carrying out routine and complex dental procedures such as re-treatment, microsurgery, and root canal treatment.

In order to be an endodontist, one must finish the standard four years of dental school then another few years in postgraduate training. This period involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and pain in related to tissue found at the central part of the tooth as well as its surrounding areas.

Why See a Specialist?

A majority of people experiencing tooth pain will typically visit their general dentist. Common triggers of toothache are usually gum disease and cavities. A general dentist is ideally suited to the diagnosis and treatment of these problems.

The special core area of concentration and training of an endodontist involves being skilled at diagnosing specific dental pain and offering treatment related to such disorders.


When one intends to go to an endodontist, the specialist will look into the patient’s dental history and conduct a comprehensive exam. Diagnostic imaging and testing will be utilized to discover the specific dental problem.

After a diagnosis is made, the endodontist will discuss with the patient the risks, benefits, and options involved. Through this, the patient will have a clear idea as to how treatment can be implemented relieve pan and save the affected tooth.

Visit an Endodontist

If one is experiencing dental pain or have any endodontic-related concerns, visit Dr. Hesham Sherghin today for consultation.

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