How To Prevent Tooth Decay With Natural Remedies

One of the main reasons why patients suffer dental pain is due to tooth decay. Many have asked how to prevent tooth decay in natural ways since dental procedure cause anxiety. Although tooth decay should be treated professionally, it can be reversed with home remedies.

In order for these treatments to work, one must first understand what tooth decay is and how it develops.   

Understanding tooth decay

The London Ontario dental care shares that more than sweets and starch, other factors contribute to tooth decay. In fact, food, saliva, acid, and bacteria all combine to form the clingy plaque on the tooth. All things considered, plaque gradually breaks the tooth enamel and creates holes on the tooth called cavities.

Natural remedies on how to prevent tooth decay

Generally, teeth brushing and flossing is an initial requirement to keep healthy teeth. However, it will not be enough if patients continue to follow their unhealthy diets. For this reason, here are other ways on how to prevent tooth decay. These include the following:

Remineralization diet.

Remineralization is an organic process to restore destroyed enamel and prevent cavities. With this in mind, the patient must reduce eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates and phytic acid. Examples of these are legumes and grains. Moreover, eating more leafy greens rich in minerals like avocado and almonds is the best diet.


Remineralization supplements are available over-the-counter. Although it’s safe to buy it from the pharmacy, it’s still best to get it from the dentist at London Ontario dental care. These supplements must contain calcium, vitamins D3 and K2, magnesium, and collagen.  


Be careful with what toothpaste to use. Some of those brands actually cause more harm than good. Due to the toxicity level in some toothpaste, it easily damages the tooth enamel. Look for a natural toothpaste with remineralization abilities in them. Also take note, toothpaste with triclosan and artificial colors are bad for the teeth. 

Discover a new oral care regimen.

One effective way on how to prevent tooth decay is to develop an oral care routine. Oil pulling, for instance, is believed to be an effective technique in reducing plaque buildup. Swishing coconut oil for about 20 minutes will activate its antibacterial and moisturizing capabilities on the teeth.

Hormone imbalance.

Not everyone is benefited from tooth decay home remedies. These treatments won’t work on a patient due to hormonal imbalances. Changes in hormones also contribute to tooth decay. Birth control pills and prescription drugs are just a few of the reasons for a patient’s hormonal imbalance.

Fluoride rinse and fluoridated water.

Mouthwash usually has a fluoride content that kills bacteria and prevent infection. In other words, rinsing with it after cleaning the teeth is a great way to disinfect the mouth. A pint of fluoridated water every day is also a great way to prevent cavities, especially to kids.

It’s best to consult your dentist at London Ontario dental care to ensure these do-it-yourself remedies work well for your teeth.

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