What Causes And Fixes A Sharp Tooth Pain?

Anyone can agree that a sharp tooth pain breaks the mood. It happens anytime and anywhere no matter how much you’re enjoying your day. Even your friends and family may turn the fun into worry when they notice you twinging from the pain.

Times like this makes you realize how vital it is to not miss a single day in cleaning your teeth. The dentists at London Ontario dental office explains the causes of tooth pain with the following:  

What causes sharp tooth pain?

  • Tooth damage. It’s a common cause of tooth pain. Teeth damages caused by trauma like chips, cracks, and breaks are susceptible to pain because of its opening. Once a tooth is breached, the tooth pulps inside are exposed to hot and cold food and cause the sensitivity. You can also experience a sharp tooth pain due to broken fillings or crowns.
  • Tooth decay. Another cause of tooth damage is cavities. It’s the primary concern why you feel an extreme dental pain due to the infection. When tooth decay is left untreated, it becomes an abscess which is more unbearable.  
  • Gum disease. Not only an affected tooth causes pain. If you ignore plaque buildup, it penetrates the gum lines and develops inside the gum pockets. This causes gingivitis. Worse cases result to inflamed gums and this is painful to the teeth as well.


You will need a dentist from London Ontario dental office for a proper diagnosis and treatment of your tooth pain. These symptoms also give you an idea about your dental condition.

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food. Ever felt that shooting pain whenever you eat ice cream or drink your hot coffee? That’s a sign of teeth damage. Sometimes, teeth cracks are quite narrow for you to notice. Immediately consult your dentist regarding the pain.
  • Sharp pain when biting down food. Ice, cookies, and fried chicken are few of that hard and crunchy food that gives you that sharp tooth pain. If this happens, you might have a broken or fractured tooth that needs repair.
  • Swelling. Aside from sensitivity and pain, swelling is one indication of a dental issue. It’s always associated with inflammation where the swell is painful to the touch. This needs immediate attention to not worsen an infection.


Crown or filling

These are the most common treatment of dental pain. Dental crowns and fillings easily cover tooth damages such as fractures and gaps. Crowns replace a damaged tooth and restore its function. Meanwhile, fillings use a resin material on the tooth for strong protection from acid and bacteria.

Scaling and planing

Another technique to effectively stop dental pain is scaling and planing. This thoroughly removes the calculus that has sneaked into the gum pockets causing the pain.

Root canal

A severely decayed tooth causes intolerable pain and a root canal is the best dental treatment for this. It removes the infected tooth root and fills it in with filling materials to restore the teeth.

Sometimes, tooth pain is urgent and needs an immediate fix. Rush to the London Ontario dental office for a proper treatment.

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