London Ontario Dentist: How Invisalign Works

Invisalign happens to be one of many new dental treatments that help individuals achieve a straighter and whiter smile. While the traditional approach of metallic braces is still widely used today, individuals this time around are too conscious and constantly looking to achieve a similar effect without the negative appearance created by braces.

Invisalign London Ontario has a treatment plan that straighten teeth. The good thing with this is that no one will need to know one is undergoing any treatment. Invisalign trays provided by dentists are practically invisible to the eye.


The initial step to getting an Invisalign treatment is to set up an appointment with the dentist. They’ll discuss the procedure and utilize a specialized scanning system that will determine whether or not one is fit for the treatment.

Digital scans are taken from the teeth, which lets the lab determine how to produce customized aligners that can force one’s teeth to their natural position. Invisalign makes use of aligners, which has an average lifespan of a few weeks.

After a few weeks, new aligners are made to help meet the current positioning requirements of the teeth.

Main Advantages

When a new set of aligners are acquired, they need to be frequently worn. That means, one can eat or drink whatever food or drinks are available without having to worry about particles being dislodged between metal braces or discoloration from dyes found in certain beverages and food.

A Fantastic Option

While metal braces were used frequently by many to help achieve a straighter smile, they’re no longer a recommended option for dental patients today. This holds true for adults who are desperately seeking similar results. In such scenario, Invisalign is a great choice offered by an London Ontario Dentist or any dentist in your area.

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