Advanced Sedation Dentistry in London Ontario

Imagine going through an extensive dental treatment like oral surgery or a root canal. When the procedure is through, one will have a hard time recalling the discomfort, pain, or noise that would be normally expected from such dental treatment.

Modern dentistry now gives each dental patient the option for a safer and effective sedation to relieve discomfort, recollection, and pain.

Notable Benefits

Sedation Dentistry London Ontario enables the dentist to provide various treatments in a comfortable and safe manner for anxious individuals undergoing any procedure.

Sedation dentistry offers a number of benefits including the:

  • Inability to recall the procedure being done.
  • Inability the sense the time during sedation.
  • Inability to hear or smell.
  • Absence of anxiety or fear during the procedure.

Levels of Sedation

Sedation dentistry is currently being regulated by law depending on the country that one is staying in. There are three states of sedation that can be administered by a dentist. These are:

  • Mild sedation

This form of sedation is given orally. One will either be sleepy or awake throughout the procedure and can still breathe on their own. For the most part, one will feel extremely relaxed.

  • Moderate sedation

This form of sedation is given to those suffering from moderate dental anxiety. It’s also used for those undergoing an extensive or complex dental treatment. The patient will remain wide awake and in a deep state of relaxation.

  • Deep sedation

Those who will getting this type of sedation will go in and out of conscious throughout the entire procedure. Patients won’t be able to recall the treatment being done and will remain unresponsive to commands even if they happen to be awake during the dental procedure.

Contact the Dentist

Schedule an appointment with the Best dentist in London Ontario to learn more about advanced sedation dentistry and discuss which form of sedation works best.

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