7 Types Of London Cosmetic Dentistry

More and more patients are tempted to achieve that straight and white celebrity-smile. With the London cosmetic dentistry options, it’s easy to improve teeth appearance that suit each patient’s dental needs.

These developments in dentistry are due to the realization that smiles affect how people see others. Bright smiles bring social success while imperfect teeth might hinder a career landing.

Check out these cosmetic dental treatments in London Ontario dental office.

Types of cosmetic dentistry

Teeth bleaching

This dental procedure is popular since it’s non-surgical and less expensive than the other treatments. In truth, teeth bleaching uses teeth whitening agents and a special light to easily break up teeth stains. All things considered, it provides an instant result. This type of London cosmetic dentistry brightens teeth color up to 9 times than its usual shade.

Although teeth bleaching is an in-office dental therapy, there are teeth whitening kits that patients can avail and use at home.


When bleaching doesn’t work, veneers might be a better option. Sometimes, intrinsic discoloration is hard to treat with teeth whitening. With the use of these thin tooth-shells, it’s easy to cover teeth imperfections such as discolored and uneven teeth.

The dental laboratories that are associated to London Ontario dental office make the dental veneers.

Dental aligners

Teeth aligners such as braces and Invisalign are effective treatments to correct crooked teeth. This dental therapy could take as long as a year or more to work, however, the results are stunning.

Gingival sculpting

Just as yellowish teeth, too much gum exposure when smiling is also embarrassing for some. There are plenty of treatments to reduce gum display including gum sculpting and laser treatment.


Dental bonding is another procedure in London cosmetic dentistry that serves as both aesthetic and restorative solution. It’s the least attractive, however, an essential dental treatment nonetheless. Furthermore, it uses composite materials to cover and permanently bond teeth cracks, chips, and fractures.


Teeth crowns or caps are the best options to save as much structure of badly damaged teeth. Moreover, it restores functionality and appearance as if it’s a natural tooth.


When patients aim for long-lasting and durable missing tooth fixes, they choose dental implants over other dental treatments. This titanium post is inserted inside the gums and serves as a support for the replacement tooth.

Find out the best treatment for your dental issue at London Ontario dental office.

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