What Is The Procedure Of Zoom Whitening In London Ontario?

Zoom whitening in London Ontario is an in-office teeth whitening treatment which instantly brings results in a single dental visit. In fact, it’s a better alternative than store-bought teeth whitening products and natural home remedies.

If you want to see bright changes in your smile within 2 hours, visit the dental office in London Ontario. They offer effective teeth bleaching treatments that easily gets rid of your discolored and stained teeth.

How is Zoom whitening done?

Prior to Zoom whitening, the dentist does a regular teeth cleaning to ensure that the teeth is free from plaque and tartar. After this, he proceeds to do the Zoom whitening in London Ontario.

  1. At first, the dentist holds the patient’s lips and gums in place using a lip retractor.
  2. When the teeth is secured, the dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide Zoom whitening gel on the teeth. He then leaves it for 15 minutes.
  3. While the gel is applied, the dentist uses a special light over the teeth to break up the stains. At dental office in London Ontario, they use Zoom light to bring out the best results.
  4. After 15 minutes, he applies more whitening gel and continues to activate the light.
  5. This continues for another 15 minutes, which makes it a 45-minute procedure.
  6. Once the teeth whitening is finished, he immediately follows the application of fluoride gel to reduce the sensitivity.  


After the Zoom whitening in London Ontario, the dentist provides a free dental touch-up kit with the custom-fitted whitening trays. Furthermore, he will give the instructions on how and when to use them. This also depends on your treatment condition.

In order to keep the whitening results of your therapy, make sure to avoid foods and drinks that easily stain your teeth. For example, fruits like berries and drinks like wine, coffee, and tea all have staining properties. Excessive use of cigarettes also discolor your teeth badly.

Above all, maintain a proper oral hygiene and use toothpastes containing fluoride and whitening agents.

Finally, don’t miss your dental appointment at dental office in London Ontario!

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