Pediatric Dentistry: Give Your Child A Complete Dental Care

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All parents would want to give the best to their children, especially when it comes to their health. As early as childhood, they already taught them how to care for their teeth. However, teaching them how to brush on their own is not enough. That’s why pediatric dentistry has various dental services that would help parents in giving their kids great oral health. Pediatric dentists understand that each child is unique, and so there are different services to match their every need.

Dental services under pediatric dentistry

Some clinics who offer general dental services to their patients also have pediatric dental practitioners. Moreover, here are the specific dental services that your child may need from your pediatric dentist.

Oral health examinations during infancy

Infants start to have baby teeth at six months. Consequently, this is also the time where they frequently put anything on their mouth. Also, they start taking solid food which could risk them from having dental caries. Dental practitioners play a big part in helping parents on what they can do to keep their babies’ teeth healthy. They teach them how to gently wipe the baby’s gums with a gauze pad after feeding time. Also, they prescribe a baby toothbrush and show them how to brush each tooth that comes out, without using toothpaste.

Preventive oral care

Pediatric dentistry also provides dental cleaning and fluoride treatments. Dentists understand that almost every child has a sweet tooth. On one hand, it’s not hard to tell if your child has already developed good oral care habits. Most of them don’t religiously brush their teeth unless you closely check on them daily. That’s why it’s very important that you work together with your pediatric dentist in making sure that your child’s teeth are cavity-free. You can ask your dentist about dental sealants application to shield his teeth from bacteria and cavities. This is strongly recommended for children, on top of the oral prophylaxis procedure. These general dental services are very vital in saving them from that unwanted toothache.

Counselling to stop bad oral habits

Children have developed bad oral habits that are detrimental to their dental health. Thumb sucking and the use of a pacifier are some examples of these habits. However, parents can make it worse when they don’t know how to stop their children from doing these. These oral habits affect the child’s occlusal which could lead to orthodontic treatment in the future. Dental professionals are ready to provide counselling on how you child can stop these oral habits.

Regular check up for early diagnosis of dental issues

The branch of pediatric dentistry also covers early diagnosis among children that may affect their dental health. During a regular checkup, the dentist takes images of their growing teeth. Digital X-rays will reveal if their teeth are developing properly and if they erupt in the right place and angle. A wisdom tooth that has not fully erupted or may cause teeth alignment issues can easily be detected with digital imaging. This helps both the parents and the child to be prepared for possible wisdom tooth extraction. Early detection gives the parents enough time to prepare and plan ahead on how to cover for the dental bills. They can sign up for a dental insurance plan to help them with the costs of future dental procedures.

Your child needs more than just the general dental services in order to receive utmost oral care. The pediatric dentist specializes in caring for your child’s temporary teeth until his permanent teeth have fully erupted. As he goes through childhood, it’s important that he learns the proper way of caring for his teeth and gums. There are numerous pediatric dental services in London, Ontario that your child can take advantage of today. Be sure to contact your dentist and work with him to ensure that your child gets the optimal care he deserves.

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