Traditional To Ceramic Braces: From Striking To Subtle

Conventional is safe, however, it doesn’t fit in the change. While traditional braces used to be the talk of the town, it’s slowly fading now. One of the reasons for its decline is the invention of ceramic braces. The new orthodontic appliance is stealing the show from the old-timer due to its multiple advantages.

However, you should understand first what is this new type of orthodontic treatment and how the dentist performs it.

Ceramic braces and its procedure

After the standards of traditional braces came the same shape and structure of clear ceramic braces. Nevertheless, it’s different from the former because its braces and wires are clear or tooth-colored to benefit the patient. Aside from this, most patients find ceramic braces better than the traditional dental appliance for reasons stated below. Generally, both types aim to gradually correct a patient’s misaligned teeth.

Dentists do the treatment through the following:

  1. First, the dentist uses a cheek retractor for a better access of the teeth without obstructions such as the lips and saliva. It’s important to keep the teeth dry during the procedure to prepare for the next process.
  2. After that, he polishes a tiny portion of the tooth enamel and applies a conditioning agent to prepare for the bonding of the ceramic braces.
  3. He air-dries the teeth next and then places another adhesive primer for best results.
  4. When everything is prepared, the dentist now puts cement at the back of the brackets of the clear braces and sticks them on the tooth.
  5. Once all the brackets are in their predetermined positions, a special intensity light helps the cement to permanently harden.
  6. Finally, it’s time to insert the dental arch wires through the clear brackets.

This procedure may take around 30 minutes to complete. After this, you may feel tightening feeling on your teeth which actually is a good sign. Don’t be surprised with pain a few hours after the treatment since it’s normal to feel discomfort when the teeth are shifting.

this is how invisalign looks like

The perks of wearing ceramic braces


This is the most sought-after advantage why patients opt for clear ceramic braces. It’s a fact that clear braces are just clones to the traditional ones, however, its color is the game changer. Through the years when patients still use metal braces, it’s been a basis of bullying and judgments. Now that the brackets are tooth-colored or transparent, it’s effortless to avoid unwanted fame.


Some consider clear braces as delicate, however, this is a misnomer. Traditional braces aren’t more durable than ceramic braces. They’re equally tough and long-lasting due to the quality of the wires that are used during the treatment. What’s even better is that some suppliers of ceramic braces provide stronger raw materials and design.

Tooth-colored wires

As mentioned, ceramic braces either have its brackets color similar to the patient’s teeth or totally translucent. Don’t worry about the wire, it’s also available in silver, frost or white! Blending in has never been easier.

Tooth enamel-friendly

Unlike traditional braces that demineralize the tooth after the treatment, the ceramic braces actually leave the enamel as it is. Thanks to the quality of its bonding agent that provides superior strength while preserving the tooth.

Easy detachment

It’s true — taking off traditional braces hurt just as it was applied. On the other hand, it’s super simple to remove clear ceramic braces. The dentists now use dental pliers and modern techniques to detach the brackets and wires in one piece. This prevents lesions and other dangers caused by cutting the wires in the previous ways. It’s also easy to remove the glue by polishing them off.

More comfortable

Compared to spiky wires and bulgy brackets, the smaller prototype of traditional braces offers less irritation in the mouth. The ceramic braces brackets are kind of sleek and tinier that it’s almost barely even there.


The quality of the material used in ceramic braces is non-porous making it resistant to food stains. You may still enjoy your cup of tea or coffee in the morning or anytime you prefer.


Most parents now see how ceramic braces benefit their child’s developing teeth. However, some children are physically conscious that’s why there are available colored bands to add flair to their dental appliances.

The ceramic braces in London, Ontario have these qualities and if you want these benefits, call up the clinic now for your next dental appointment.

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