7 Surprising Truths Behind Dental Veneers’ Internet Fame

Dental veneers suddenly became famous in most social media sites because of its promising results. These provide an instant solution to teeth with issues such as gaps, chips, and even breakage. Patients who have discolored teeth also found redemption in front teeth laminates.

Porcelain dental veneers appear as thin tooth shells that cover the forepart of the teeth. They serve as a durable teeth covering to prevent further damage and conceal teeth imperfections. Since its process entails such a short time, it beats most of the extensive cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth implants.

On the other hand, there are some things patients are unaware of the tooth laminates. Don’t fret, it isn’t something to worry about. However, you might want to share this article to any of your friends who are considering to have dental veneers.

7 fast facts about dental veneers

Less sensitivity.

Most of the time, patients would consider to have veneers to fix a fractured tooth. A broken tooth has an opening to its chamber, where the tooth nerves and roots are. Considering this, tooth shells are used to shield the tooth that has been compromised. Furthermore, sealing it would prevent hot and cold drinks from breaching the insides of the tooth that might cause sensitivity.

Reshapes your face.

Beyond the fact that tooth shells improve your teeth’s appearance, it actually enhances your overall facial looks. Now, dentists take advantage of modern methods to give their patients a total smile makeover using porcelain dental veneers. With the help of the computer programs and upgraded dental tools, it’s easy to refine your beauty with veneers.

Not all of your teeth need it.

If you or a family member isn’t taking a chance on dental shells because it’s expensive — think again. It only becomes costly if you ask or need all of your teeth to be involved in the procedure. On the contrary, you may not need to cover all of your bites since only the front teeth are visible. You could order 10 or 12 teeth laminates and that precious smile is already achievable.

Tricky colors.

You might not notice it, however, the color of the tooth shells could be mismatching. Sometimes, it might appear whiter or denser, and it appears to be fake. This is why you will need a true expert to work it for you. Choose the best dentists in town to ensure favorable results. Another tip here is to have a professional dental cleaning and whitening before you have laminates. This way, your teeth reflect a uniform and natural color when you already have your veneers on.

7 Surprising Truths Behind Dental Veneers Internet Fame-2

Prepless veneers.

This one’s good news right here. Applying tooth shells used to cost the teeth a good, thick filing to fit the dental appliance. However, “prepless” methods are now paving its way, giving the patients the benefit to save every inch of their original tooth. This procedure doesn’t need polishing for more than .5 mm of the tooth enamel. The best part — it might not need any polishing at all.

15-20 years, that’s the deal.

Although your porcelain dental veneers are made of a material that’s pretty fragile like your tooth, it could last long. For as long as you retain a strict oral hygiene routine and always meet your dental appointments, you’re safe. Moreover, always remember that taking care of your tooth shells are as vital as with your teeth. Veer away from bad oral habits and keep it squeaky clean all the time!

It’s an investment.

It’s true — veneers are more expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures. However, considering that it holds more positive feedback than the unlikely ones, it’s worth it. Just think about the good times you’ll be spending with family and friends because of your new smiles! That one is truly precious.

Make sure you have your dental veneers in London, Ontario if you want to be the next internet sensation!

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