What to Do When Your Child Loses a Tooth?

Parents dread seeing their children go through the teething phase but end up being relieved once they’ve made it through the process. Teething happens twice in a lifetime. Within a few years, baby teeth will begin falling out. Fortunately, Dental Emergency London Ontario has tips that can be helpful to parents in preparing their children to deal with lost or loose teeth.

Tell the Child

It’s essential for children to know that losing baby teeth is a normal thing. This phase begins at around 6 or 7 years of age. The child will be old enough to comprehend what’s gong on but may entail some reassurances.

When they realize their teeth isn’t as secure as before, they’ll assume they did something wrong. Inform the child that losing a tooth isn’t as painful or scary as it may seem to be.

Dentists are more than happy to explain this to any child. This can easily be done during their visit to the dentist.

Loss of Adult Tooth

A parent will react a bit differently if their child loses an adult tooth. Trauma as a result of physical activities can knock adult or baby teeth or both. It’s imperative to visit the dentist right away if an adult tooth is lost. There’s also a possibility that the same adult tooth can inserted back in place.

Swallowed Tooth

While a tooth being swallowed might upset a child, it’s not considered harmful. Make sure they’re calm. If it so happens a baby tooth was swallowed, there’s nothing much to worry about.

An adult tooth that was swallowed or lost is a completely different matter. Since such teeth are bigger, they can easily be snagged within a child’s intestine. A parent will need to schedule an appointment with a London Dentist to find the best means possible in replacing the tooth lost.

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