How to Prevent Dental Cavities From a Young Age?

Parents frequently assume that the reason why kids are susceptible to cavities is because they neglect brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day. In addition, parents blame themselves for not bringing their children to the Pediatric Dentistry London Ontario office regularly.

What most people don’t know is that dental cavities are caused by bacteria in the teeth. Cavities occur when bacteria and food particles that remain in the teeth aren’t properly brushed off. If left unattended, acid will start collecting within the tooth, which softens its enamel, and then forming a “hole” or cavity.

Curbing Cavities

Here a few ways that one can do to keep cavities away at a young age:

  • Begin the oral habit early.

Make it habit to brush their teeth twice a day with the use of fluorite toothpaste and to regularly floss.

  • Use fluoride regularly.

Using fluoride-based products makes the enamel strong and difficult for the acid to make their way in. If one’s water supply lacks fluoridation or one is making use of purified water, ask for fluoride supplements from the dentist.

Fluoride alone won’t offer complete protection for one’s teeth. Refrain from using too much fluoride since it can lead to teeth discoloration.

  • Restrict or curb sugary foods.

Sugary food and drinks such as candy and artificially flavored juices can actually destroy the enamel and trigger cavity formation. If one is taking these, rinse the mouth or brush the teeth right after to wash out the sugar. The same applies for anyone taking sweet-flavored liquid medications

When a child’s permanent teeth start to grow in, it’s essential to pay a West Five Family Dental a visit to curb decay through the application of sealant at the rear portion of the teeth, where a majority of chewing occurs. Such proactive coating prevents bacteria from creeping into cracks of the molars.

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