What to Expect from Your CEREC™ Crown

Written by: Dr. Katie Dhaliwal A dental crown is designed to protect and strengthen your natural tooth and may be recommended by your dentist for a variety of reasons. For example, they are the gold-standard of care for root canal treated teeth. They can be a great, long-term solution for fractured or chipped teeth as […]

Different Types of Teeth Whitening

Dental aesthetics are important for most individuals around the globe. People research many reliable but inexpensive options which enhance their tooth color for a brighter smile, and which consequently decreases the shade of teeth discoloration. This results in a more confident smile and better quality of life. Teeth whitening is a process of removing extrinsic […]

Tooth Extraction: Causes, Procedure, And Aftercare Tips

Tooth extraction is a relatively common dental procedure for adults. However, it also means that there’s no permanent tooth that will grow to replace that. That is why dentists do not usually go with this option to save every patient’s natural teeth. Although an adult’s teeth should last him a lifetime, still, there are several […]

Root Canal Surgery: Is It Safe And Painless?

A root canal surgery may be associated with pain and discomfort. However, contrary to what patients believe, the process actually aims to take away the dental pain. Furthermore, it is an important dental procedure to treat an injured or decayed tooth. In fact, it both stops the spread of infection and totally takes away the […]

What Causes And Fixes A Sharp Tooth Pain?

Anyone can agree that a sharp tooth pain breaks the mood. It happens anytime and anywhere no matter how much you’re enjoying your day. Even your friends and family may turn the fun into worry when they notice you twinging from the pain. Times like this makes you realize how vital it is to not […]

London Dentistry For Kids: How Do They Handle Children?

Teeth start to come out around the baby’s first 6 months after birth. By then, parents need to start taking things seriously with their dental health. For this purpose, the London dentistry for kids is offering parents a guide in caring for their child’s teeth. Since it takes more deliberate mouth cleaning methods with babies, […]

What Are The Types Of Clear Braces In London Ontario?

The clear braces in London Ontario help patients move on from their imperfect teeth without pain and embarrassing moments. When patients used to endure annoying metal wires and brackets of traditional braces, now, things have changed. With the same function and treatment, most patients now look forward to having clear braces. The brackets of the […]

7 Types Of London Cosmetic Dentistry

More and more patients are tempted to achieve that straight and white celebrity-smile. With the London cosmetic dentistry options, it’s easy to improve teeth appearance that suit each patient’s dental needs. These developments in dentistry are due to the realization that smiles affect how people see others. Bright smiles bring social success while imperfect teeth might […]

What Is The Procedure Of Zoom Whitening In London Ontario?

Zoom whitening in London Ontario is an in-office teeth whitening treatment which instantly brings results in a single dental visit. In fact, it’s a better alternative than store-bought teeth whitening products and natural home remedies. If you want to see bright changes in your smile within 2 hours, visit the dental office in London Ontario. […]

How Much Do Veneers Cost In Riverbend Road?

Veneers have made wonders in improving teeth appearance in so many ways. More patients now ask how much do veneers cost so they can also have and show the benefits it gives. When do you need veneers? Dental veneers are made of thin, customized tooth shells that cover teeth issues such as: Teeth gaps or […]




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